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What is a X-DAYs EXPERIMENT and how does it help?

In a X-days experiment, you set aside X-days to try things that might help you achieve something that you have always wanted to achieve. First, identify your goal. Next, list out the actions and strategies that might help you achieve your goal.

Among the list of actions and strategies, select the one that you will work on intensively and with complete focus for X-days. Explain to your people that will be affected by your going away that you will be away for X-days to focus fully on this and get their understanding and cooperation.

Strive to accomplish your goal as soon as possible, before X-days are up. A X-days experiment helps you block off time to aim for some goals that are important to you but been delayed due to the following reasons: 1. Uncertainty of whether it will be achieved. 2. Inability to be consistent in your effort due to other commitments and distractions. The mantra to remind you of this is:

For the next X-days, focus totally on accomplishing this!


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