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3 Effective learning tips

1) Better consistency than burn and crash. Better by discipline than by "mood and availability". Create a sustainable learning schedule, such as 30-45 minutes of math every day, and stick by it. Don't go by your mood to decide whether to study, go by your discipline and commitment. 2) Use a monthly calendar When a teacher gives homework, record it down immediately on the date you plan to do it. For eg. "qn 1,3,6 of the functions tutorial". Don't record it on the deadline, record it on the day (which should of course be earlier than the deadline) that you want to finish it. 3) Seek advice but don't outsource your learning strategy and plan to your teacher/guardian/parent.

Know what you don't know and get your tutor/teacher to teach you what you don't know. If a tutorial is too easy for you, don't waste time doing it, do something that challenges you. Don't just study when a test is coming up. You should know, by your monthly calendar, when you last studied a topic and how likely you would have forgotten. If it was a long time since you touch a topic, revise it even if there is no test on it.


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