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What is a RESTROSPECTIVE and how does it help?

A RETROSPECTIVE IS a scheduled session where we reflect on what we have done badly, what we have done well and what we can do better. For example, we may plan to work on and complete something at the end of two weeks. So we schedule a retrospective at the end of two weeks to ask ourselves the 3 questions (What went well? what went badly? what can be done better?) before we set out to work on something for our goals again. A retrospective is better done with a group of people because they may contribute good ideas, however, it can also be done individually. A RETROSPECTIVE helps us to discover what is done badly so that we do not repeat a mistake repeatedly, it helps us keep up with things that work well and discover how we can do things better. In short, it helps us make good of our experience and improve. The mantra to remember is: What went well? What went badly? How can do we better?


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