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The generic steps to getting unstuck on most things.

You probably guessed it, the one thing which kills most of our time is getting stuck. A coder spend a lot of time stuck on an error or bug. A student spend a lot of time stuck on a difficult question or a troubling issue in school or at home. A businessman spend a lot of time stuck on trying to acquire a key resource or trying to figure a right strategy. Even relationships can get stuck due to issues that multiple parties cannot agree on resolving. The list goes on, as long as people are trying to get from point A to point B, they are often stuck somewhere in between. What are the generic steps to getting unstuck? 1) Be clear about the goal. Where are you currently at (where is point A), where do you want to go exactly? (Point B)

If you can't tell the experienced driver clearly where you are heading, he can't drive you there.

You can't go two places in one trip, especially if they are in different directions or in conflict with regards to the necessary resources. List down all your goals, group goals that are in alignment together and goals that are in conflict separately. Prioritize your goals.

2) Recognize exactly where you are stuck. We may know the business is not scaling, the program is not running as expected, our academic results are not improving as expected; but figuring out exactly what causes us to get stuck may not be immediate. We need to scan our code for bugs/errors or identify the problem areas/impediments in our business or in our study to figure out what is/are the thing/things that cause us to get stuck. Write down what are your expectations when you get started on the journey from where you were (Point A) to where you want to be (Point B) VS the reality you are expecting now. Then list down the major impediments/challenges in getting from A to B. 3) Brainstorm solutions With regards to each impediment/challenge, brainstorm solutions. List out all the ideas you have for overcoming the problem. Ask experts. One avenue for finding experts is the internet (Google)

4) Prioritize testing and implementation of the solutions If you have ten ideas of how to get unstuck, consider each of them carefully. Visualize the process of implementing each solution and ask yourself how you feel about implementing each solution. Imagine if you did this, what is likely to happen next? Imagination does not always match reality especially if you have no real experience on the matter. Therefore there is value in getting someone experience to guide you. Weigh the cost VS benefits and identify the risks, regardless of what methods you are thinking of trying. 5) After you are unstuck, record how you got unstuck Don't let the experience of how to get unstuck be wasted, value it, share it out on social media and forums. Use your experience to help people with the same problem get unstuck.


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