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19 Tips for productivity as shared by Teal Swan

1) Work on the things that intrinsically rewards you.

2) Live the day according to inspiration rather than structure

3) Find something intrinsically motivating you within the thing that does not motivate you.

4) Act on inspiration immediately, before you lose it. Not an hour, not tomorrow, not someday. Take action the second it happens.

5)Deal with resistance the second it arises. Don’t bulldoze the resistance. Resistance can be internal or external. If resistance occur, deal with it the moment it arise, resolve it before moving on, don’t let the opposition create a drag while you move forward because that will take you much longer time. Using an analogy to illustrate: pull up an anchor on your sail board instead of increasing the number of sails to overcome the drag.

6) Natural talent and life purpose. Area of excellence is in something that you take for granted.

7) Don’t think in terms of hours, think in terms of results. Successful people see what they produce as a reflection on themselves, they take responsibility for what they produce. Is about what they produce not the time they take to produce it.

8) Prioritize before throwing effort into something. Figure out what is the most important and when to do it. If you are really exhausted and there is a whole list of things to do, getting a sleep may be the item of the highest priority.

9) Write down everything you need to do on a to do list. Break the giant list into smaller to do list every day. We may not be able to see many of the steps yet. Do the first step, then see the 2nd step and the third step until the idea is brought to life.

10) Complete one task before moving to another unless a task with truly higher priority comes up. Focus on completion of tasks. Have lower tolerance of open-ended items. Have clear definition of what marks as complete.

11) Ask yourself whether multi-tasking is really a better way of getting things done or fully focus on a task to completion is better.

12) Keep track of everything that you do in the day. Everytime you change focus from one task to another write it down.

13) Don’t spend too much time thinking about doing something rather than actually doing something about it.

14) Delegate. Don’t have too much on your plate. Delegate task to people who do the task better than you are.

15) Declutter, tangible and intangible things. Do not open email or social media when you are just about to focus on something, because that is opening yourself to clutter of the ideas of other people. Your energy and time would be scattered away before you are able to do the thing you want to focus on. Even news can clutter you with worries.

16) Stop, step back and re-evaluate. Don’t keep pouring your energy into something that is not working.

17) Set up systems, repeatable processes that are entirely in your control. Systems are repetitive tasks, habits designed to get you to the goal.

18) Having a bad day does not equate to not having intrinsic motivation. We all have bad days on the journey to achieve something. When that happens, don't give up yet, taking a rest will allow space for solution to arise. When it comes to producing something, there is inevitably a time where you feel like this is not working.

19) Streamline your focus and energy, all the way to the completion of what you are trying to produce.


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