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Top 6 values I bring to my students:

I help students... 

1) understand concepts thoroughly and apply them. 

2) master the skills they need to do well in exam.

3) get the learning resources they need.

4) understand and work with their strengths.

5) get accustomed to effective mindset and learning approach.

I also create...

6)a support group among my students for learning and career development beyond Junior College.

More about myself

I have been a Junior College Mathematics Home Tutor since 2013.

One of the things I do most in coaching students is to guide them with questions and problem solving approach. I don’t just teach concepts but guide them through solving challenging problems so that they get a hang of how to dissect a challenging problem and apply the concepts they have internalized, inspiring in them the confidence to handle challenging problems and enjoy them. By walking them through challenging problems with a question and answer approach, I discover the unique strength (see 6 strengths to cultivate) and weakness of the student in tackling challenges and coach them on how to leverage their strengths to do well in math. I also provide lecture notes, revision papers, past year papers and prelim papers from different schools to students free of charge. 

Students can contact me via whatsapp to ask questions or reschedule lessons anytime in the day and I mostly respond within 2 hours. When they ask me a question on whatsapp, I either respond with a concept hint or do a youtube video to explain depending on the type of question. The collection of videos I have done are available here.

My students have great testimonials for me, (click here to see them) and keep in contact with me after they graduate as I actively network my students through a whatsapp group to provide them with internship opportunities, university course advice and career advice after they graduate from Junior College. I look after their career aspiration. More than half of my students took initiative to report their A level results to me, look for me for university course selection advice, to write reference letter for them and get internship referrals.

Some university require the applicants to write essays, go for interviews and do coding tests; I help prepare students for these. Many of my students obtained multiple direct offers from the top 3 Universities in Singapore

Besides preparing them to enter university, I also look for students to work with me to build a business in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education during their university years with the objective of helping them earn additional income, develop deep skill sets in STEM and discover what they want in their future career.

I’m Sze Chong, your friendly and patient math home tutor. I graduate from NUS with an applied mathematics degree in 2007. I have taught more than 50 students as of April 2017. 80% of them are students from Junior Colleges. In 2016, more than 60% of my students obtained an A grade for their A level Mathematics. 

While tutoring, I have also come across other good tutors recommended by my own students. So if you need to find a good tutor in any subject, please whatsapp me at 8180 8611. 

Not convinced of the benefits I may bring to your child, read on! 

What I understand about learning mathematics, is not just for doing well in exams. Besides developing reading, observation, abstraction, analytical and emulation skills, a student should rub off problem solving attitudes, learning mindsets and make friends of good tutors and peers as these will serve them for the longer term.  

My learning did not stop when I graduate from NUS; appreciating the wonders that learning can do to help one overcome real life or academic challenges keep my mind positive in dealing with life challenges. I went on to learn more mathematics, martial arts, calligraphy, computer programming and entrepreneurship, whatever skills that I feel might come in useful some day in my life. Continuous self motivated learning done right keeps the mind strong, positive and active. My teachers can be professional teachers, internet, family, friends, books or circumstances. Chiefly, the appreciation for how learning can help one psychologically, physically and in overcoming life's issues motivates me to learn endlessly. I also learn that everyone has something good one can learn from, but only learn from them the things they are good at. 

When faced with a difficult challenge or daunting setbacks in life, a person may think to surrender or find something or someone to blame, but a learner will always seek to understand and build a solution out of his understanding, bringing problems into his locus of control can liberate one from anguish about others, environment or self. The good about transforming feelings of grief, despair and helplessness into enthusiasm, problem solving orientation, goal orientation is easy to appreciate in theory, but how often do people subconsciously fall into the negative when faced with a daunting challenge.


To that problem I realise great psychological benefits can be derived from serving others with one's strength or belonging and contributing to a community with positive mission which also positively nurtures and recognizes you, it helps to build a sense of connection to something larger than self as well as self worth and can remove one from depression, feelings of fear and isolation. My math is good because during my secondary school my peers always ask me about math and I felt I need to answer them correctly, that motivated my learning. When I teach my peers and receive their appreciation, I think I benefitted as much if not more than them psychologically and in terms of understanding. 

Furthermore, facing problems with the right mindset requires training that develops one's skill at problem solving so that the individual will not feel helpless when faced with challenging situations in life.

It is useful to:

1) develop faith in one's ability to learn and overcome weakness in oneself as well as faith to overcome challenges in the environment; 

2) learn the right way to set visions,  goals and clarify purpose;

3) develop the ability to identify what is relevant and focus on them;

4) be versed with productivity techniques such as GTD and my proprietary life organizing method: Neaten's law which includes using a calendar for task, filing things of the same type together, selecting the right task to do based on location, energy level and bandwidth of time

5) learn to conduct effective "meeting with self" and others.

Besides the above, there are still many other good things I will like to share with people. 

Besides guiding my students with the above through a whatsapp chatgroup, I also plan workshops in December 2018 for people to learn about techniques in the aforementioned. I will be inviting my past students and other tutors along to share their success tips with participants. If you have a friend aged between 18 to 25 whom you feel may benefit from the workshop, please ask him/her to whatsapp me at 81808611 to register his/her interest.  As the workshop is still in the planning phase, I can design it to meet the needs of most participants according to the benefits they desire from participating in such a workshop. 


Sze Chong

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54 Cassia Crescent, Geylang Singapore S390054