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Teacher's checklist

  • Ask questions that trigger students to think forward.

  • Inspire students on problem solving approaches.

  • Explain concepts and formulas.

  • Provide similar examples as reference, avoid giving direct solutions.

  • Coach students on study strategy using agile.

  • Guide students on mnemonics and memory techniques.

  • Inspire growth, problem solving and learning mindset with inspirational stories and videos.

  • Help students stay focus on agreed outcomes and goals using agile coaching.

  • Give accurate and timely feedbacks to students.

  • Explain how concepts and formulas are derived.

  • Inspire students to think about what they did yesterday, what to do today and identify any impediment.

  • Coach students on weekly action plan.

  • Inspire students to retrospect: what they did well? what they did badly? and how to do better?


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