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What is willpower and how does it help?

How do we have willpower and how does it help?

Willpower fulfills mission and helps shapes one into the self that one aspires to become. With the willpower to continue when going gets tough, one becomes the top athlete, the top scholar, the top business in the industry etc... arriving at a position that is difficult for most people to arrive at or challenge.

Will-power does not come by birth, It can be trained by persisting for one more step everytime you tell yourself to give up. And then begin again soon after you are rested, not giving yourself excessive time to rest before the next training interval.

When you run and feel like stopping, tell yourself to take another step, if the next step feels like ok, continue for one more step.

Similarly for studies, when you feel like giving up on a challenging problem, persist by thinking for a while longer. Take a break if you feel mentally drained but come back to it soon enough, until the problem is solve do not give it up permanently or take too long a break.

In short, challenge your limits by persisting for a while longer each time you feel like giving up in every session of training.


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