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Types of meeting and how they help?

These types of meeting can be conducted together with others or just with yourself. TRANSFORMATION meeting helps to transform problem into solution 1) Write down the problem (eg. messy room) 2) Write down how you want things to become? (eg. clean house)

3) Write down what you need do in order to effect the change. Idea 1: Reduce the number of items in the house. Idea 2: Wake up early to tidy the house. Idea 3: Invite friends to house. 4) Translate ideas into to do list and put the tasks into your calendar. RETROSPECTIVE MEETING helps us to understand past experience and use them to guide future actions

1) What went well regarding the implementation? 2) What went badly regarding the implementation? 3) How to do better next time? INFORMATION GATHERING MEETING helps us to discover information and ideas for break through.

Set a timeline for concluding insights and making a "breakthrough" decision.

Ways to gather information 1) Search engine 2) Related seminars and events 3) News and documentaries 4) Magazines 5) Books 6) Market experiments Ways to analyze information: 1) Ranking information by reliability and usefulness 2) Generating insights by asking why, what, when, where, who, how (5W1H) 3) Zooming in on particularly interesting information to investigate further and collect more relevant information. Ways to make decisions based on information gathered: 1) Consider what insights generate actionable goals, strategies and tasks.

2) State as precisely as possible the goals, strategies and tasks and how they relate to the insights generated from the information gathered.

3) Make sure the goals, strategies and tasks are actionable.


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