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What does it mean to NOT BE EGOISTIC and how does it help?

In STUDIES, It means understanding that you will improve with gentle and consistent practice. YOU will not stay the same.

It helps you be consistent in learning and not be afraid of challenging yourself to grow and achieve. In a TEAM, It means understanding you may not always be right and learning what others have to contribute.

It helps to empower the team along with empowering yourself with the power of a team. In RECEIVING FEEDBACK, It means you thank others for their feedback, regardless if they sound accurate to you at the moment and do not spend time defending yourself to the person who give the feedback. Allow yourself time to process and digest the feedback. You don't need to get it right away or in a single session. It may occur to you the significance of a feedback at a later point in life, if it does not, then the feedback does not matter to you.

It helps you become better at what you do and improve your personal and professional relationship.

In AIKIDO It means not to use force, not to fight strength with strength and not to be defensive in techniques, but learn to move gracefully and extend the power from your center. This helps you to perform the aikido techniques effectively, which allows you to neutralize physical aggression effortlessly and gracefully.

MANTRA to help remember this principle: It is not about you.


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