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What does it mean to be RELATIONAL and how does it help?

In PERSONAL Relationships,

It means not to be calculative. Gives and takes are not ends in themselves but ways to nurture understanding and trust in relationships. When people are trusting and loving of one another, it is natural for them to step forward and help each other when there is a need. To build a relationship, giving things and favour is not the best way and not the only way. Spending time listening to each other and participating in common experiences is even more helpful. When you truly understand the needs, wants, aspirations and constraints of the people you are relating with, you can help them by sending their way, information that they need and connect them with people and opportunities with the same interest. That is even more helpful than giving them material things. When you are relational, you build a network that is progressive and constructive. This network empowers everyone in the network, including yourself. It helps you find meaning in life and work and makes everyone in your network more resourceful and loving. Because individuals stop being just themselves, cocoon inside their own ego, but starts to serve something larger than themselves, the network. In BUSINESS, To be relational means focusing on building a relationship with customers rather than focusing on profiting from them in transactions. It helps you understand that customers are people with needs, wants, aspirations and constraints in life and not merely as buyer of service or product. It will help you creatively design and position your product and service to meet them where they are in life. Relating with them means you are not narrowly focus on maximizing your profiting from them in transactions but to keep coming up with service or product that delights and serve them better. As you help your customers grow and keep up your efforts in engaging them in the long term, they in turn help your business grow. Design your business initiatives to stay on the mind of your customers in meaningful and helpful ways. Don't just remind them of you, remind them of what you can do for them and means to them. And that is only achievable if you remember who they are, their wants, needs, aspirations and constraints. MANTRA to help remember this principle: Relational, not transactional.


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