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Privacy Policy:

  • We will not disclose your information to any third party without first seeking and obtaining your permission. 

  • To withdraw your personal information, whatsapp 81808611 to state your request and your contact information or any transaction history with us will be permanently deleted from our database within 24 hours. 

Terms of use:

  • This is an educational forum to nurture and help members develop positively, we reserve the right to moderate all postings and remove users with malicious intentions or whom we think is behaving irresponsibly towards other members. With regards to the moderation of the forum, the judgement of our admin is final.  ​

  • Despite our best effort to give the best help and advice for audience to learn and grow, we bear no liability for losses from the actions taken based on those advice given in the website as even a good strategy or recommended course of action has an element of risk in the real world. 

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