"Through one to one sessions, I thoroughly understand each student's challenge in learning mathematics and give my full attention to helping the student overcome


  • Coached students on Junior College H1/H2 Mathematics since 2013.

  • Numerous testimonials from parents and students. 

  • Helped students achieve desired grades and emotional well being.


Benefits of One-to-one lessons

  • Quick to identify student's weakness and gaps in concepts.

  • Select questions that are specifically helpful to the student.

  • Study advice are given specific to the student.

Online Lesson

How online lesson works?

  • Realtime handwriting

  • Realtime video tutoring

  • Student can take photo of question and submit to tutor for discussion instantaneously using whatsapp and telegram.

1. Laptop or desktop (large screen size preferred)
2. Writing tablet, recommend Huion HS64 as it is cheap (abt $50) and serves the purpose. 
3. Microphone headset/earpiece (Those that comes with smartphone works fine)

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Lesson @ Cassia Crescent, Mountbatten



3 mins walk from bus stops and 7 mins walk from Mountbatten MRT station. I will fetch you to and from MRT/Bus stop for the first lesson. 

Classroom facilities:
1. Both soft and hardcopy learning materials provided.
2. Stationeries provided
3. Air-conditioned and with ceiling fan.

4. Refreshments provided. 

Hear from ex-students and their parents

Parents bring good news
Parent was initially worried about their son's math performance because he kept doing badly in school tests and exams all the way up to prelims. However, he got an A for A levels and the parent text me the happy news.
Parent's compliment
Student got his A for H1 math, parent is very happy with his improvement.
H1 Math
Student achieve A for prelim after a month of lesson.
H1 YIJC 2019
H2 Math 2018
Student engaged me in late half of J2. She was worried that she won't know how to do the questions during the exams as she find the practice questions very hard for her to figure on her own without my help. She eventually got A for H2 math at A level.
H2 Math MJC 2017
Student's parents were initially very concerned as they were worried that she spent a long time to do a few questions during our lessons and the results did not see big improvement all the way to the prelims. My experience tells me she will do well regardless because of the hard work she put in and the care she put to her studies and homework. Eventually she got a B at A level.
H2 Math HCI 2017
Student got A at A level. When he first engaged me, he was very concerned with his Math results, but he was very hardworking.
A and E Math 2019
Students rapid improvement after our math lessons, from fail to A at O level, allowing him to get into Junior College and do H2 math. A very well mannered student.
H1 Math TJC 2018
Student got A for H1 Math. He find statistics challenging to understand before our lessons.
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Students and parents choose to continue with my tuition because...

  1. They say I help them improve their confidence in doing mathematics. 

  2. They say they got their A in mathematics only because with my help. 

  3. They say their children are more hardworking after my tutoring. 

  4. A majority of students were doing badly in Mathematics before they had tuition with me, they and their parents are relieved that they finally pass, most with a big margin from the failing score.

  5. Parents remarked at my professionalism.

    • No vulgar, abusive language use.

    • Good role model - mannerism, good learning habits and mindsets.

    • Encourages student in healthy lifestyle - enjoys learning new things and reading, exercise, good work rest cycles, no bad habits like smoking or drinking. 

    • Patient and caring tutoring style.

    • Sincere look out for student's overall well-being.  

    • No discrimination - I do not favour some students from others. No matter their background, their school, how fast or slow they learn, their demographic, race or religion, I give my best to help each of them achieve their academic and life goals. 

  6. I am Graduate with Honours degree in Applied Mathematics from National University of Singapore in 2007

  7. Graduate with Masters degree in Business Administration from National University of Singapore in 2013

  8. I got A for all my math subjects from Primary school to Junior College

  9. I am a full time tutor, which means:

    • I am more available. Besides the peak evening hours, students can also book lesson with me in the morning and afternoon when they don't need to go to school. 

    • I have more energy and focus during lessons as I do not have another job to handle. 

    • I have more time and energy to improve my tutoring process, including preparing learning materials for students and refining my tuition approach. 

    • I have more students at any point in time. Teaching more students allow me to gather experience in teaching at a faster rate. 

  10. I'm specialized in teaching Junior College mathematics, which means:

    • All the math formulas used in the syllabus are memorized by me, I do not spend time looking up formulas during tuition classes. ​

    • I know how to explain to students in ways that students could understand easily because for most questions that appeared in the past year papers, I do it on average more than 10 times with different students. 

    • I know how different Junior Colleges teach because i have students studying in various Junior Colleges.

  11. I taught since 2013, and already taught more than 100 students in 2017, which means:

    • I can quickly sense the strength and weakness of each student and know how to help them. 

  12. I don't just impart mathematical knowledge, I develop their cognitive skills at the same time:​

    • I teach them how to use logic and reasoning to get answers by themselves​

    • I teach them how to ask questions

    • I teach them how to memorize things more effectively

    • I show them how to select and use learning resources effectively

    • I teach them how to over distractions and enter the "flow" or "zone" when doing mathematics.

  13. I track the progress of individual student.  

  14. My life experience is rich enough for me to motivate and coach students: ​

    • born in 1982, ​studied in Kong Hwa, Haig Boys, Chung Cheng High School Main, Temasek Junior College and National University of Singapore

    • Part time work experience as Cashier, Promoter

    • Full time work experience as Customer Service, Marketing and Backend Ops in Finance.

    • Full time work experience in Economic Development Board and SPRING, agencies under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. 

    • Entrepreneur experience in business consulting, starting a mobile app food delivery business.

    • 4th Kyu in Aikido, a japanese martial art

    • Grade 5 in violin

    • Top 3 in children's drawing competition. 

    • Best Actor award in drama competition

    • Volunteer at Institute of Mental Health and Old Folks home

    • Read more than a 100 biographies, self help and effective study habits books. 

    • Complete 7 effective habits course twice. 

    • Attended physical courses in memory techniques design thinking, data analytics.

    • Coded and published mobile apps in google play

    • Wrote and published books to Amazon and Google Books.

Contact me

54 Cassia Crescent Singapore 390054

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Parents bring good news

Parent was initially worried about their son's math performance because he kept doing badly in school tests and exams all the way up to prelims. However, he got an A for A levels and the parent text me the happy news.