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to see testimonials from the JC H1, H2 and IB SL, HL math, students that I have tutored.


You can book a free session by clicking on this link and experience it for yourself.

The benefits that my past students received from engaging my tuition services. 

1) Improvement in grades, with 38 of them going from fail to A as of 2019 and a lot more securing A or B from a higher starting point. 
2) A vast collection of learning materials, past year prelim papers, ten years series, revision packages and their solutions as well as helpsheets and summaries. 
3) Intensive Q&A sessions followed by concept revisions during lesson to ensure student waste no time in doing things that they already know and gained valuable learning in every session. 


As bonus
4) Students will be invited to join a current student chat group where they can exchange knowledge, learning materials and network with friends from other Junior Colleges. 
5)Upon graduation, students will be invited to join my alumni network where they network with senior batches who can advice them on matters like NS, overseas education, local university programs etcetera. 

6) I am also a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) graduate from National University, with the knowledge and network I gained from studying in NUS, I actively reach out to support and advice students on career and business related matters after they graduate. 

What are my qualifications and experience?

I graduated from NUS with a major in applied mathematics in 2007 and started giving tuition full time in 2013. I teach at private education centers and 1-1 at students' homes.


As of the end of 2019, I have taught more than 100 students in Junior College Mathematics and more than 30 students from the IGCSE and IB syllabus. 

Help students recover their confidence and improve in mathematics. 

Many of my students engaged me when they are doing poorly in their math. 

​Students are unique in their learning style and prefer to have tuition conducted in different ways. 

Some students prefer a question and answer approach. These students have specific questions that they want me to address during class.


When answering their questions, I provide the concepts and give them hints in a way sensitive to their level of understanding so that they can proceed with solving the question. Then I challenge them with similar questions to test whether they have understood the concepts. Testing helps to build their confidence.


At the end of the session, I make sure to address all of their questions before I leave. 

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Addressing weakness in selected topics

Some students are good at math in general but do poorly in some topics because they do not understand the basics of those topics.


For such students, I take time to go through with them the basics of the chapter. Using easy examples and questions, I help them to see that the topic is not as difficult as it seems to them. 

After I assess that the students have the basics of the topic in place, I then guide them to do progressively harder questions until they become comfortable with the topic.

Some students are self-motivated and independent and only have issues with a few topics. I do not compel students to stay with me until the final examination, once they have their issues addressed, they can stop tuition. I will still check on them regularly to see if they are progressing well over text messages. 

Help students tune in to the optimal mental state for learning

A student's mental state determines if learning is effective. If they are physically, mentally, or emotionally disturbed, it will be hard for them to pay attention, think clearly, or remember what they are learning. 

When I sensed that a student is affected by some issues, I take the initiative to address them. For example, by providing them with food and water, adjusting the room temperature with air conditioning, etcetera. Or discussing with them about the things that they have doubt about or are troubling them. 

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I believe that the responsibility of a tutor goes beyond the lesson time that I have with them. Most parents want to know how their children are progressing, so I regularly follow up with updates on their child's progress. 


Learning is beyond just getting good exam results. Students should also gain in terms of learning new problem-solving approaches, confidence, cognitive skills, and a growth mindset. Things that will be important to the student even after they graduate from school.


Therefore, as a tutor, I am sensitive to the student's character and stage of cognitive development, their study approach, and mindsets and provide the appropriate guidance in an objective, well-informed, and professional way. 

What is the tuition fee?

Tuition at student's place:
Travel charge: $60 (Discount can be given for some locations and timings)
Tuition fee: $60/hr (Special discount until economy recovers from Covid)
Fixed schedule

Tuition at my place or online:
Tuition fee: $60/hr (Special discount until economy recovers from Covid)
Flexible schedule, booking via

Payment to be made at the end of each lesson.

Classroom where lesson is conducted 


Click here to see testimonials from the JC H1, H2 and IB SL, HL math, students that I have tutored.


You can book a free session by clicking on this link and experience it for yourself in the free session before you decide whether to sign up.  

Born in a middle-income family, my parents never spent a dollar on me and my siblings' education.


However, all three of us graduated from National University from the Science (Applied Math), Arts (Theatre Studies and Philosophy), and Computing faculties.

After graduation, my sister continued to acquire professional qualifications in finance and law. My brother gained professional skills in project management and law. I earned a Masters in Business Administration.  

I accredit our success with the parenting methods that my parents used to raise us and a series of right decisions and sacrifices that they made.


Because of our parents invested time and attention wisely in our education, my siblings and I grew up to be successful in our careers. We are financially well off to take care of ourselves and the people around us, including our parents. 

In the book on the right, titled "The MIK Method". I share with you my childhood experience under such parenting so that you can have a reference. 

Today's job market is highly competitive because there are many university graduates with little differentiation in their profiles and skillsets. 

Using what I learned from MBA and many life and business coaches, I can develop a learning and career roadmap for your child. The roadmap will help your child start carving a fulfilling career and get them ready by the time they graduate. 

If you are interested in finding out more, you can book a free 1-1 consultation with me by my mobile number +65 81808611.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you a full time tuition teacher?


I teach, write and coach full time. I can have lessons starting anytime from 9am to 8pm, weekdays and weekend unless the slot is already taken up by another student. 


What do you aim to achieve for your students?

  • Good results and qualification to scholarship for student's desired University Courses. 

  • Thorough understanding of concepts taught in the syllabus. 

On the side: 

  • Career Guidance

  • Confidence in problem solving and strength in character.


Do you have any testimonials?


Yes see them here :D


What is your qualification?

  • Bachelor of Science Degree Majored in Applied Mathematics (National University of Singapore). 

  • Masters in Business Administration (National University of Singapore)

  • My grade for both secondary and JC math is A. I took both A and E Math in Secondary School. 


What do you teach?

  • Junior College H1, H2 Mathematics


Do you provide additional learning materials?

Yes I provide additional learning materials for free. 


How much do you charge?

1-1 tuition @ Mountbatten or online: $120 for 2hrs

1-1 tuition @ Student's place: $180 for 2hrs


Can I have a free trial?

Yes, I give a 30min free trial lesson for students to experience my teaching.

My students get additional free lessons when they refer other students to me.

You can also see the youtube videos I made online here. These videos are of course not better than my 1-1 sessions where I can address my student's questions directly.  


Do you teach students under the IP, IGCSE Program?



Can you give home tuition at my house?



Can you give online tuition?

Yes I can teach with any online medium, for example whatsapp and skype. Name any medium and i will make it available. 


Where do you stay?

HDB flat right beside Mountbatten MRT station, Singapore. 


Do you teach classes?

Yes i teach classes at Inspire Education Center, Roxy Square, Marine Parade.


How many years of experience do you have as a tutor?

I started teaching in 2013 


What is your teaching style?

I cater my teaching style according to student's inclinations and needs. 


Can you teach in Chinese and English?



Other questions?


Contact me at 81808611 or through the contact form below. 

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