While giving tuition, I realize some concerns that are weighing on the minds of Singaporean parents and more mature students.

Problem 1: Negative stress harm healthy development

Parents and students understand that learning develops a person's cognitive skills. However, stress, lack of sleep, pressures from peers, and parents that result from academic competition harms healthy cognitive, social, and emotional development.

Solution: Training on the right learning mindset, self-awareness, and self-control.

Problem 2: Mental and Physical health problems 
a) Poor self-esteem
b) Insomnia
c) Depression
d) Impaired memory
e) lack of time to explore and develop unique talent and strength beyond what the school teaches.
f) Short-tempered
g) Withdrawal from social engagement to prioritize time for study

Solution: Education on the right living habits and regular check-in with individual students to make sure they have the right mindset and lifestyle. Helping and persuading them to see the big picture.

Problem 3: Oversupply of similar skill profile in the job market

The education system is training too many people with the same skillsets. Students find it hard to find a job when they cannot differentiate themselves and do not see how they are unique in terms of the skills and service that they can give to others.

Solution: Explore the child's unique talent and establish the strategic career and skill-building roadmap that will differentiate them from other students and position them for a career of their interest. Create a personal branding and network for the purpose early on in their life.

4. No sense of purpose and direction

In today's disruptive world, students do not know if what they learn will be helpful in their careers. Yet at the same time, their parents are investing heavily in their education. Will they be able to secure a job that earns enough to cover the cost of their education and allow them to afford a house and raise a family?

Solution: A financial plan for them and their family, to give them a taste of earning income by their unique strength on a small scale with freelancing.

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