Use your Strengths

Forget about all your weaknesses; what life demands you to do and what you are incapable of doing for a moment.

Instead, make a list of your strengths however irrelevant it may seem to your current goal. Think of how to make good use of each strength creatively to better your life.

Yes it is bettering your life that you should focus on. You do not live to meet others expectations of you.

Use your strength to better your life in ways that your strength allows for. You may fail miserably in the requirements society place on you but if you can find alternative ways to make things work, you are a success.

The summit may be one, but the paths to it are many and many of these paths are obscure to society, waiting for you with your unique perception and skills to discover. Get to the summit by anyway you can think of and make available to yourself, then make it available for others.

You may not fit the requirements of the existing paths but the new paths to the summit has no requirements prescribed by society; those requirements you will face as you set on your own path are prescribed by the real world challenges; it requires you to find your own path and bring out the best in you. Do fall back on your strengths and creatively make use of them to serve yourself and others.

Suppose Singapore as a country of people thought that she had no natural resources and gave up; suppose we tried to follow the paths of our neighbours, which we have no means to follow, we would be the poorest country in the world now. But our pioneers look upon ourselves and see strengths that are not obviously useful yet found use for them, that is why we are a rich country now.

Do the same for yourself by making a list of your strengths and think creatively what you can achieve with them. Think with regards to the true goals that you have; goals that are decided by your heart, not by what others think, not by what society values but really what you want in your life and what you want to give to the world.

You may wonder what is the summit. There are two summits that is desirable in this life. One is the summit of our inner qualities, our ability and character. The other summit is the appearance of success in the world, power, fame, status, legacy, wealth, beauty and other desirable things in life.

Of the two, it is the summit of the character that manifest the appearance of success and make it meaningful and that is of real importance. Even as the appearances of success should rise and fade, it is the summit of your character that will lead you to reclaim anything good.

However, it is through trying to manifest the appearance of success that you can really climb the summit of your character and test your character.

A student can pretend that he knows and deceive himself into thinking that he do not need to work harder, but the exam will reveal that he does not know. A student who truly knows will pass the exam. Therefore, manifest success in this world as validation that you have indeed climb the summit of your character. Let the challenges that arise as you advance towards your goal strengthen your character.

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