The purpose of learning

The purpose of learning, besides satisfying our curiosity for truth, is also that we can live the life we dream of living. If there is a way to your dreams and goals, would you not seek it?

On top of that, there are bonus to learning other than the achievement of goals such as

the sweet memory of the exertions along the journey;

the exhilaration from the overcoming of challenges;

the wonder in your growth as well as

the friendships formed with the people who learnt with you and those who helped you in your learning.

As a learner and a teacher, i'm most interested in how people can learn, set goals and achieve them effectively. I read a lot of books on the subject and frequently share the ideas I learnt both on social media and with my students.

I'm also learning from every student that come to me as every individual is unique. I learn to work with the strengths of different students.

Math is a subject that most highly challenges one's ability to reason and understand. The good thing about math is that there are scientific ways to verify if one's understanding is correct as the rules of mathematics is self consistent.

While learning mathematics, students improves their ability to reason, to remember ideas, to abstract theories from applications and to present their ideas very concisely with the help of abstract symbols.

Students also learn to be patient and persevering in solving challenging problems and learn problem solving techniques which are applicable even in business and life. (The two subjects I encountered in learning that most defies simple models and explanations.)

If you have a question about life, business or math in general, may I request you to send me a whatsapp message to 81808611. I will like to discuss with you and hopefully, arrive at a solution that uplifts both of us in learning and in spirit.

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