Study Strategy

Study Strategy

1) For Junior College, do at least 2 questions a day on a topic taught much earlier to prevent what you learnt from fading from memory and 3 questions a day on a recently taught topic.

2) Check off those questions that you complete with confidence and gotten correct answer without any form of help, during revision, these questions are the last priority. Circle those questions that you manage to do with some help, such as referring to textbook examples or with guidance from a teacher and come back to review them on a later date. Mark a question mark besides those questions that you need to consult a teacher. Mark a star for those questions that you feel you gotten correct but feel you need to review again before the exam.

3) Get some assessment books, quick revision guides and past year papers to complement the notes from your school. Sometimes those books explain concepts clearer and simpler.

4) 1.5 months before the exam, Practice with past year exam papers and time yourself, making sure you can complete questions within the stated hours without any help and without referring to any books.

5) Check your answers to questions against the answer sheet. If you get a wrong answer, check your workings and concepts to identify your mistakes. If you are not sure, try different methods and correct different parts of your working until you get to the correct answer. Learning to spot your own mistake is an important skill.

6) In the absence of a tutor, you can search for the concept you are unclear of using google or youtube to get more explanation on the subject until you become very clear on how to apply and able to get the correct answers to questions relating to the concepts consistently.

7) Always write clearly. For example, "2" must be distinct from "Z". Do not use cursive writing. When "x" is a variable, use 2(3x)=6x in place of the multiplication sign (x) to avoid confusion.

8) Study consistently and practice until it is your 2nd nature. Don't study last minute. On the day before the exam and on the day of exam, don't study but let your mind be empty and free.

Exam Strategy

1) Finish all easy questions first to get all the marks you deserve.

2) Write very clearly so that it is easy for marker to mark and for yourself to check your working.

3) Circle those questions you are unsure, do not spend excessive time checking, move on to complete all questions first.

4) Do not spend too much time to perfect your presentation, polish your presentation when you have excess time after completing all questions.

5) Speed up in simple calculations, be careful when calculations are complex. Know where you often make careless mistakes and be very careful when you encounter them. If an answer will be used in later parts of the question, double check to make sure it is correct before moving on.

6) If a question has become messy because of careless mistakes, skip to other questions first, come back to the question later.

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