The nature of opportunities

Opportunities can lift you and transform your life. Opportunities are everywhere but present themselves to people who have the experience, knowledge or wisdom to see them. Opportunities favour those who actively hunt, prepare and bait for them.

Opportunities don't usually lay themselves out nicely in front of you, it most often presents itself in some inconvenient way. If you decide to let such opportunities past, then you may let many such opportunities past.

How to prepare for opportunity?

You need to be clear of your goals so that you know what constitutes an opportunity and prepare anything (skill, resources, mindset or whatever) necessary to leverage the opportunity.

A smile invites opportunity more than a frown. Keep a happy mindset and positive attitude, start by thinking positive. People are invited to present good opportunities to people with good character.

How do people judge whether someone is worthy of the opportunity? They usually think:

1. Will the person welcome this opportunity?

2. Does the person have what it takes to make good use of this opportunity?

3. Will the person be grateful for this opportunity?

So make sure you portray the right image of a person worthy of opportunity.

Some opportunities are presented by the environment instead of people. You need to be observant and be on the look out for them by scanning the environment and make connections in your brain of disparate information. It takes practice to identify opportunities.

When you realise an opportunity, even if it is just a little chance to succeed in your goal, practice going for it immediately. Don't give others or yourself excuses, don't be shy, fearful or hesitant. Just decide to take the opportunity and go straight into thinking about how to grab the opportunity followed by actions with a sense of urgency and willingness to bear the risk of failure. Every failure provides you with new information about what works and what does'nt and allows you to do better in the future.

Don't overthink when you see an opportunity, the process is more like {think act think act think} rather than {think think think think think act}. There is a window to every opportunity that does'nt remain wide open as you think.

Making good use of opportunities take practice, some people get it right away, others take more attempts but opportunities always pass by those who hold themselves back.

The downside

The downside of going after potential opportunities is that it may turn out to be a bad experience. Some of us are genetically wired to be afraid of certain types of opportunities so when we face an opportunity we paralyze; we begin to stall or to act weird if we try, but still we must try to fight our instincts until we rewire ourselves completely to go after opportunities. It may help to observe how successful people go after opportunities naturally.

Train and trust your judgement, we can learn from what happens after we do something but we never know if we never do and we can only guess what will happen if we did. It does'nt help our judgement if all we do is guessing; seeing results of our actions provide the data neccessary for us to refine our judgement and refine how we act.

How to handle the downside of opportunities

To handle the downside of opportunities, don't choose between do or do not, but rather think of how to do something so that positive outcomes become more likely.

Where does opportunity lies?

It depends on what you are looking for, get your goals clear and then you can research on where to find opportunities.

If you know you are looking for fishes, you will look for them in the sea and not the sky. Ask yourself whether it is reasonable to find what you want where you are seeking them. Don't do something just because it is easy or convenient, do the things that will get you to your goals and go places that will have what you want, even if they maybe risky or uncomfortable.

You may look for opportunities in people, circumstances or things. People may present opportunities to you by offering you a job or giving you the help you need. Circumstances may present a problem which you can proactively solve and therefore build a solution. In things you may find what you need to advance your goal.

But something must be said about opportunity though there are exceptions to it.

Opportunities are mostly good actions sown in the past, a person does'nt come presenting to you an opportunity if he does'nt like you or trust you are capable of making good use of it.

Circumstances does'nt present to you an opportunity if you have yet to clarified your goals and train yourself to spot them. Even if you do, you still need the skills or resources prepared to leverage on the opportunity.

Therefore, always be sufficiently prepared OR an opportunity may become a problem.

But always prepare yourself sufficiently before you go looking for opportunities, if you ain't sufficiently prepared or trained, an opportunity can become a nightmare. For instance if you go into an interview prepared, it offers you a job opportunity; go unprepared and you may be scorned at by the interviewer.

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