Inspired by the book: "To know yourself" by Swami Satchinanda

Know yourself

If you look at yourself through the mirror and the mirror is distorted, you may think you have a distorted face unless you have another undistorted mirror that reflects to you your undistorted face.

In the same way, if you learn about yourself through the distorted eyes of this world, or if your mind is too corrupted to reflect the purity of your soul, then you may think you are ugly. In order to know the true power and beauty of your soul, you must purify the mind, which acts like a mirror and disregard the opinions of others.

A very healthy and relaxed body with a calm and serene mind will allow the true nature of the self within to express itself without any distortions.

We can enjoy the variety of in our personalities if we always keep in mind the unity behind it.

What is evil?

Everything is netural, if you approach something correctly, it is a lesson, it is good, it is useful. If you approach something wrongly, it is a problem, it is bad, it is harmful. So change your approach.

Suffering is austerity and refinement

if you know the purpose of suffering is to burn up your ego, you will even rejoice in it. Suffering is a way of purification. you heat your mind and body to tranform it, burning out the undersirable impurities. Just as godl ore is repeatedly heated and cooled to raise its purity, all individuals are purified by the heat of suffering, so accept suffering if it comes. But dont purposely create suffering for others or yourself. you have learn the way out of suffering.

The Search for happiness

You are originally happy, but you wanted something, this creates a cavity, a hunger in you that needs to be filled. But if it takes too long to fill that need then you become angry and frustrated. If it is fulfilled you return to where you are, the original happy self. For a yogi, to remain forever in that happiness, don't want anything. Renounce everything, even God and then you can have everything.


By constantly repeating mantras you are able to produce certain vibrations within you and through all of your physical, emotional and intellectual selves.

Om is the absolute unmanifested and the others are seeds for different manifestations. By repeating your mantra you keep it well charged and spread it through your system until its vibration pervades your body and mind. Your entire personality vibrates on that beautiful wavelength and automatically attracts similar vibrations. You become in tune with those who have similar waves, and ultimately in tune with cosmic wave.

Some very simple and efficacious ones re Hari Om, Om or Om Shanti. The smaller he mantra, the greater the power.

There is no one thing especially suited to everybody except the process of concentration itself.

Body and addictions

Your body can adapt to anything, but not all adapting is good, it can also become an addiction, cigarettes, alcohols, caffeine, drugs and excessive sex, all these drain a person's ability to perform or remain happy and healthy.

If you want to be free from addiction, flush your mind-body system with pure food, pure drinks, pure thoughts while resisting that which is impure. When that is impure is totally flushed out, you will cease to crave those things. Then you find increase freedom, energy and resources to live a better life.


It is claimed that if you are content, the higher power will take care of your needs without your worrying. That you will not me like a dummy doing nothing and will be used in some way or other by the higher will to bring benefit to humanity.

In this chapter we are encouraged to perform actions selflessly. Note selflessly, meaning not thinking too much about what is in it for yourself but does'nt necessary mean going out of the way to do a heroic self sacrifice without necessity.

Persist with One Method

Though God an be approached through any form or name, if you keep changing from one idea of God to another, you won't progress at all. In time, the idea you choose is accepted by your mind. Eentually, the mind itself will assume the form or qualities of the one you are worshipping or meditating on. The worshipper ultimately gets the qualities of the Worshipped. But if you keep on changing, the mind will not get those good qualities. You can't travel on ten roads at the same time, even if they are all going to Rome.

It is the same with a personal mantra, if a teacher gives you a mantra, you should think it is the only one for you, don't even think of other mantras, if we have one form or worship today and another form of worship tomorrow and still another on a third day, we will not get anywhere. It is like digging a well in a hundred places. No where will we get water.

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