Emotional Journey from Employee to Entrepreneur


Confidence in your own ability and indignace about the lack of recognition/reward in your enteprise leads you to quit your job and become an entrepreneur.


Doing what you always wanted to do or believe you will do well. Urgency to succeed quickly to replace lost income makes you run places and meet people.


Opportunities appear from everywhere to distract you. Many of these will turn out to lack the promise of turning into a scalable enterprise and you will give them up. A subtle or intense fear lurks, you question whether you will make it. This fear could paralyse you or make you take drastic/irrational actions to find a way. While the distractions will continue to disguise themselves as opportunities you struggle to discern which is which. You begin to form judgements of what are distractions and learn to say NO. Sometimes you will pass up real opportunities. But it is a learning process.

Note: Fear may also lead to periods of depression and paralysis (barren of ideas and ability to analyse your situation) where days will swiftly pass by without any progress, you seem to be doing nothing. During such period, suggest to take on small jobs and read books to inject some activity and positivity while you try to recover into the zone.

The key learning here is goal orientation, strategy formulation and task organization. i.e Being specific and clear about your personal goals; finding the key strategy or method of achieving your goals; listing out the tasks, organizing them by priority, executing them with discipline and persuading yourself to follow through till you reach your goals.

Failures/Discontent/Criticism/Realistic appraisal

You fail to meet your own expectations and feel discontented with the amount of achievement you have. You face alot of criticism and discouragement. You begin to have a more realistic appraisal of what you can do on your own. You learn the power of self appraisal and to be detached from the negative/unfounded opinions of others and absorb good advice. You learn not to react defensively or offensively to opinions but to respond to or ignore them.


Learning on the entrepreneur journey begin to consolidate and you begin to see patterns of how to work with situations, people and yourself. Determination is built up and you learn to focus on your core competencies and network with people of other relevant competencies. You learn to discern opportunities/distractions more accurately.


You learn to focus on service, listen to customer wants and provide to them rather than egocentric concerns.

You learn to serve your employees, customers, partners even if their attitude is negative towards you because you know that you need them as much as they need you. You focus on the key engagement, what you essentially give and take from each other in the reationship and not get affected by peripheral engagements such as petty bargains, appraisals and disharmony. Although you would also have learnt many tactics for handling such peripherals along the way, you could easily handle them rather than getting sucked into them.

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