Weak in or no A math background at all for O level but thinking of doing JC H1/H2 math? This is what

For H1 mathematics, the pure math section is 40% and statistics section is 60%. The pure math section for H1 math is in many ways a repeat of what is taught in O level A math. Sometimes the pure math questions are even simpler than those in O level A math. However, the statistics section is equally new to students with or without A math background. That kinds of level the playing field for students without A math background. H1 math students only take 1 paper for A level. For H2 mathematics, the pure math section is 100% of paper 1 and 40% of paper 2. The statistics section is only 60% of paper 2. H2 mathematics can be challenging even for students who have done well in A math at secondary school and only a small percentage can fully grasp H2 mathematics without the help of a tutor. H2 Math is a requirement for many science and engineering majors in University. Some Junior College don't offer H1 Math as an option. These two factors are main in prompting students to take on H2 mathematics in JC. If you do not have O level A math but is thinking of taking H2 mathematics at A level, it is important to do your self study before JC starts in order not to lack behind the rest. I have seen quite many students who repeat their Year 1 because of failing in Mathematics. If you do not have A math background but is doing H2, it is highly recommended to get a 1-1 tutor before or near the start of Junior College to go through the A math concepts that are highly utilized in JC math syllabus. Choose a math tutor with experience in teaching JC students as they would know what are the prerequisite knowledge. Not all A math topics are equally important in the JC syllabus. Listed below are the topics especially relevant to the JC math syllabus. Some Junior Colleges will go through these topics quickly in the beginning for the benefit of students without A math syllabus, but they do it so fast that students without A math background can hardly catch up while their classmates with A math background are relaxing and chatting away because they already know what is taught.

A math topics that are especially relevant to A level Math by order of importance:

1) Quadratic, cubic, exponential and logarithmic equations and their graphs

2) Trigonometric identities 3) Trigonometric functions (Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Cotangent, Cosecant, Secant)

4) Completing the square

5) Algebra, logarithmic and exponential functions and manipulations

Stay tune to this page for all the videos that will explain to you in the A math concepts required for A level math. Whatsapp 81808611 to get free practice worksheets that will drill you in these math concepts.

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