Asking the right questions

Think of asking questions like typing keywords into google to find relevant information. If the keyword you type is wrong, even if the answer you want exist in the internet, it won't show up in the front pages.

The brain is similar in that it is a huge subconscious storehouse of information. When you see something, hear something or ask questions, the information related to that thing you see, hear or ask appears in your conscious. Therefore you must ask the right questions, phrase the questions in the right way to get the right answers.

When the answers that surface in your conscious is not what you want, or if no good answers show up in your conscious when you ask a question, either one of the three situation has occurred: 1) no related information exist in your mind. Please see more, hear more or search the brain of others. 2) You are asking the question in the wrong way, try changing your question. 3) the search engine, subconscious power, is taking a longer time to run and inspiration will hit you maybe in the next morning; in this case take a break and stop jamming it with more questions.

in changing the way you ask question. Switch between why, what, who, where, when, how and use different keywords. Also change the state of your mind from happy, sad, optimistic, pessimistic, fearful, courageous, loving and hateful by recalling correspondent memories into your mind before your start asking question. I would recommend you to try positive states of mind first, if they don't work, then try something negative but never be consumed by states of mind as they are merely states of mind that can be reversed. Remember to reverse from negative states of mind.

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