Learning in an uncertain world

I was online learning this android udacity mobile app programming.

There is a video where 5 to 6 Google staffs share about this "Imposter Syndrome" where they felt that they are hired wrongly by google, that they don't know how to do the job they are given at all and how it is perfectly normal for everyone in the company to feel that way.

Our primary to junior college education system show us how to do everything before giving us an exam. we got used to that, tertiary education gives us a bit of the understanding that we need to find things out ourselves and sometimes we fail despite trying to.

At job, sometimes we have the security of someone senior who teach us how to do our job before putting us to them. at other times we have to find out how to do something from scratch.

But ultimately, in this world, where we are born without the slightest knowledge of the world we are born to at the time of birth, if not for teachers and parents we would be clueless, except for the inner book of instincts pass on hereditary.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, not just business but doing anything new, enterprise. Try things that you have totally no idea how to do. Find references, invent. Get use to the idea that failure comes despite hardwork, despite planning, despite teamwork, despite best intentions. Get used to the idea that the price of failure is not just on yourself, but on those who are with you, your customers, loved ones and don't start blaming when things go wrong because things go wrong more often than not.

Because entrepreneurship in life is not a choice. We are made to do things we do not know from time to time, if we avoid, the next person, who may be equally clueless, will take the job and may screw it up worse than us. We do, and if someone see how we do it, think they can do it better than us, they will come snatch the job from us, if they prove they are better at it, we learn from them.

If you feel you want to do something, you got to do it. Don't let others do it for you. Pay the price of securitiy, pay the price of comfort, pay the price of anything you need to pay and when others do that, support them. That is how we really learn to grow and to love. Because you are unique, while many may do the same thing, solve the same problem, but they are not going to solve the way you solve it. That something different, in terms of giving consumer choices, is very valuable.

The education we have is pseudo learning, make it comfortable and easy to learn, but it lacks training in the aspect of learning that is regarding mindset, risk taking, taking opportunities, finding things out for yourself, eating failures, taking pain, failing despite hardwork, diving into environment where nothing helps your goal and you have to build it yourself, learning that succeeding in 1 out of 10 times in the real world is the real norm is worth a lot and getting 100 marks in a paper exam is worth much less.

If something is known, repeatable, someone has traverse it, someone has the knowledge, there is relatively less value in rediscovering it and repeating the act.

Fortunately we have google and online forum now, which makes it easier to share and learn knowledge of how to do things, so we don't always have to build from scratch. And to gather a team or resources, we also have plenty of platforms to help us do so. So reach out for the stars.

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