Meeting with yourself

For many of us lost in busyness, we may feel that we do not have the time and freedom to do what we really want to do. To overcome such a problem, we need to make time to conduct meeting with ourselves to sort out what are the things that we really should be doing.


Our brain is miraculous, if you ask a question, it will start processing for the answer and one day the answer will appear to you out of the blue. Therefore do not harbour a negative thought but rather ask a question. If you don't have capital, don't just think "I don't have capital". Ask a question to your subconscious mind instead, ask, "How can i have capital?" or "How can i succeed without capital?" 


You should actively generate positive ideas about the future, among these ideas, select what you think is possible and create a task list to work at it. If something is found to be unworkable, get rid from the list. In this manner, actively select, refine and create your ideal future. 

Magic of decluttering to achieve the life you want

With everything in life, things, people or activities, determine whether to take up, let it pass or discard based on how much something touches your heart. 


Step 1: Put all the things of the same category together. For example, if you are looking for a business idea, list down all the business ideas you have on one piece of paper first. 


Step 2: Go through each one and sense how much each touches you. Get rid of those that does not touch you. If you are decluttering your room, you may want to sell those objects that you do not want online at very cheap prices. Note very cheap prices to get those unwanted things out of your life fast!

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Step 3: Start building a relationship with those that touch you. I mean, start working on them, grow them and let them support and grow you. 


In the end, you will be left with only things, people and activities that touches your heart, that is the life you want. 


Do you understand how it works now? if not, ask question using the contact form below or click on the button to find the book through which this post is inspired.

Magic of getting the right people to do the right things with you

Rule no 1: Initiate

Initiate activity with people who interests you. Initiate activity with people who can do something constructive with you. I mean, ask to meet, offer help, request a favour, whatever is on your mind, don't let it stay on your mind, open your mouth or send a message by any means immediately. 


Rule no 2: Once you know the answer is no, move on immediately to the next person.

Don't give chance to people who do not respond with the same level of enthusiasm. I mean, if you ask to meet and the person give an excuse not to or say no, quickly move on to the next person. If you offer to help or request for help and the person responds with lack of courtesy or enthusiasm, off to the next person.  Dont waste time with people who do not respond with the same enthusiasm; finding the right people to do the right things with you takes many trials and you should'nt waste time after you know the person you approach is not interested. The moment you know the answer is no, move on to the next person! Once in a while persistence with the same person pays off eventually, but most of the time it will not. With the same amount of time you could try with enough different people to meet someone else whose enthusiasm is high right from the start, so why waste time with any person and demoralize yourself!


Rule no 3: know what is the right current step and next step in the relationship


Everything is done step by step, you should'nt skip step or get the order of the steps wrong. Know clearly what is the correct next step in the relationship. For example, you can't ask the customer to buy something before he understands what he is buying. Before you go to great length to explain your product, first understand what the customer is looking for so you know how to pitch your product.

Powering your life with Positive Energy

When energy is kept positive and strong, we become healthy and affects our circumstances in positive ways. A positive thought brings about positive energy in much the same way as thinking of food causes our tongue to salivate. The mind and body is so interconnected that if we think thoughts of fear or weakness, we lose the energy to move and change things in positive direction. Therefore, we must think thoughts of power, believe we can and always act with the positive intention to benefit self and others. 

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