OwlHour Story

The founder of Owlhour was born in 1982 to a family who took good care of and took great effort to educate him in art, violin, swimming. Like all other child in his time he was also sent to school at age 5.  He is naturally good in mathematics, chinese and strong in memory, logic and able to learn various arts like violin and aikido with ease and speed. He is also good looking and have a good sounding voice. 

He was not very healthy though often down with flu but he had good physical strength and his enthusiasm allows him to succeed in most things he want to achieve in life. 

The darkest periods of his life occurs during army where he had to deal with very uncivilized conduct from BMT commanders and during his time in the Economic Development Board where his superiors were abusive and unreasonable. Other than that, he always live among people who are kind and love him as he also love and show respect to people who are reasonable and kind, be it in school or in other institutions he worked in, he had a very blessed life indeed. The dark periods of his life taught him that he should never subject himself to the command of unreasonable people. Because with unreasonable people, no amount of effort and goodwill on his part will reap the same return. With unreasonable people, it is impossible to carry out good work and service together. He decided to venture into business and took the rein of his career entirely into his own hands. He was successful in maintaining his autonomy and livelilhood through giving math tuition but in his heart he knew that he is meant to do much much more. 

At different periods of time he was obssessed with the study of religion, aikido, math and business. Through his study he understood the true meaning of life and the struggles and victories that both great man and those who are mediocre have to face in life. He realised how many people are still in a dense fog of delusion, struggling to be free yet indulging themselves in petty trappings that seem to offer them temporary delight, many act without conscience or sense of direction, ignorant of the higher purpose of life. He is in dismay of how people can have real emotional enjoyment of luxury when other living beings are living poverished and derpraved lives, sometimes these luxuries are built on the pain of other beings, such as the eating of meat, skinning of animals for their leathers, caging up animals and subjecting their fellow beings to long hours of work and tearing kinship apart by forcing some to work far away from their families. 

He decide to dedicate himself to a purpose that will bring greater comfort, light and happiness to humanity and also animals. He knew he has to repay the gifts of having many talents, fortunate circumstances and a good life. He knew that the Great Spirit must have a reason for endowing so many blessings and strengths upon him. Being gifted with so much, he could'nt accept a job with little contribution to society. He is convinced that it is his destiny to take civilization forward, to educate the hearts and minds of men, bring them true awakening and change their eating and living habits, to bring joy, peace and liberation unto the whole world including the animals. 

Now it is time for him to verify whether what he 'knew' is just his delusion or really meant to be. He owe it to himself to create his destiny. He will stop at nothing to achieve his vision and mission. Even if at times his efforts seems a little too futile, in time, he will gather all the good and able people with him and realize his vision and mission for the world. 

Place of Business: 

54 Cassia Crescent, Geylang Singapore S390054