Supergirl (U.S._TV_Series)

Be entertained as you learn these lessons:


1. Pilot: The issues surrounding the journey of discovering your true potential. Resistance from those close to you as they fear your change. Gaining acceptance. Starting small and work your way up. 


2. Stronger Together: Unity is strength, you are not alone, we find our strength with the help of others, we are strong in different ways. 


6. Red Faced: We are angry for different things, it usually points to where we were hurt in the past. There is anger behind anger, ask yourself, "what am I really angry about?" Is it the person or situation in front of you, a thought patten, an instinct, an inherited trait or something you hate about yourself? Know what the anger really is about and resolve it, rather than taking it on the person or situation infront of you; unless you really think it helps to do so. 


7. Human for a day: Sometimes we are stripped of the very things that makes us able and powerful, during those times of failure and despair, can you still be the good person you used to be? True power lies in the character. When you are stripped of your "powers", you gain an opportunity to find out who you really can be when you are without them, do not disappoint yourself. 


9. Blood Bonds: Explores the meaning of family ties, particularly when their actions disappoints you. How do you forgive them? Will you still care about them?


10. Childish Things: Do you fear who you are or a make positive applications of what is within you? Deals with the issue of inheritant character traits. 


11. Strange visitor from another planet: Do we let our sad, hateful past weaken us or fight to make things right in the present. 


12. Bizarro: Negative influences may arrive in our lives uninvited. Unwittingly, sometimes we give ourselves over to such manipulative influences and develop a false and negative personality. This may give rise to a state of inner conflict and self embarrassment. It may take you a while to recognize that it is not you, to fight and to win. 


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Oz, the Great and Powerful (Movie)

Recognize the value of whatever you have, skills and resources and put them into full play. You may be more than who you know yourself to be and can do more than you ever thought you could. You are neither Edison, Einstein nor any other successful model you have in mind. They have what you lack and you are not going to succeed by what you lack; you are going to succeed by what they lack which you have.

Before you go again in search for what you lack or use what you lack as an excuse for not making progress in your goals, put creatively and immediately into good use what you have!

Limitless (Movie)

Be alert to the things around you and how you can employ them to achieve your goals. Your brain is powerful and there is alot of potential waiting to be discovered.


Caution about the movie: Do not be tempted to use drugs to heightened your mental clarity, drugs usually works the other way, reducing intelligent people to retards. The right way to mental clarity is intentional use of your analytical and observational powers plus good exercise and diet. 

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