High expectation and caring parent

This parent has high expectation but show care to the child, give to the child alot of things. The child is good tempered and well mannered but obviouly depress of his inability to meet his parent's high expectation. 

Model Parents

The parents are polite and speaks gently to the tutor and their children. When the children make a mistake, the parents tease instead of scold. They pat their child's head and offer food and drinks. 

Result: the children are well mannered to the tutor and are positive in their attitude. The children communicates well with their parents. 

The Depreciating Parents

Depreciating Parents talk badly about their child infront of them. 

Results: Friends and Families who have negative impression of their child. Low self esteem of children. Rebellious Kids. 

The High Pressure Family

The Parents watch tightly over the children, making sure they wake up on time, tidy their tables, nag or scold at the children for the mistakes they make, plan the tuition for the child. The child lack discipline, does not motivated to take charge of this own life. 

Lesson: If you want your child to be more autonomous, do not nag at them, do not interfere too much with their life, guide them when they need answers. 

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