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1) FREE H2 Further Math Tuition!


For IP year 5 to 6 students only

Venue:  Blk 11, beside Dunman High School

Available time slots: Weekdays between 11am – 3pm

Duration: up to an hour per student per day, multiple sessions with same students over several days are allowed

(priority given to new students.)

To find out more or make an appointment:
Whatsapp: 81808611

2) To get a FREE session of H2 math tuition

1) Form a whatsapp group  with 3 other H2 math

students and add this number: 81808611.
2) Take a photo of this flyer and post it in the chat group.

I have been tutoring H2 Math students since 2013, students from HCI, DHS, RJC, TJC, VJC, MJC, TPJC, SRJC and NYJC have benefitted and provided their testimonials.

For more information visit OR whatsapp 81808611

Place of Business: 

54 Cassia Crescent, Geylang Singapore S390054