Frequently Asked Questions


Are you a full time tuition teacher?


I teach, write and coach full time. I can have lessons starting anytime from 9am to 8pm, weekdays and weekend unless the slot is already taken up by another student. 


What do you aim to achieve for your students?

  • Good results and qualification to scholarship for student's desired University Courses. 

  • Thorough understanding of concepts taught in the syllabus. 

On the side: 

  • Career Guidance

  • Confidence in problem solving and strength in character.


Do you have any testimonials?


Yes see them here :D


What is your qualification?

  • Bachelor of Science Degree Majored in Applied Mathematics (National University of Singapore). 

  • Masters in Business Administration (National University of Singapore)

  • My grade for both secondary and JC math is A. I took both A and E Math in Secondary School. 


What do you teach?

  • Junior College H1, H2 Mathematics. (Most of my students are in this category)

  • O level and Junior College Business.


Do you provide additional learning materials?

Yes I provide additional learning materials for free. 


How much do you charge?

Weekly group tuition @ Mountbatten: $480 per month

1-1 tuition @ Mountbatten: $120 for 2hrs

1-1 tuition @ Student's place: $160 for 2hrs


Can I have a free trial?

Yes, I give a free trial lesson for all my students.

My students get additional free lessons when they refer other students to me.

You can also see the youtube videos I made online here. These videos are of course not better than my 1-1 sessions where I can address my student's questions directly.  


Do you teach students under the IP, IGCSE Program?



Can you give home tuition at my house?



Can you give online tuition?

Yes I can teach with any online medium, for example whatsapp and skype. Name any medium and i will make it available. 


Where do you stay?

HDB flat right beside Mountbatten MRT station, Singapore. 


Do you teach classes?

Yes i teach classes at Inspire Education Center, Roxy Square, Marine Parade.


How many years of experience do you have as a tutor?

I started teaching in 2013 


What is your teaching style?

I cater my teaching style according to student's inclinations and needs. 


Can you teach in Chinese and English?



Other questions?


Contact me at 81808611 or through the contact form below. 

Place of Business: 

54 Cassia Crescent, Geylang Singapore S390054