Emotional Journey from Employee to Entrepreneur

Describes the stages of emotional development from employee to becoming a full fledged entrepreneur. With advice on what to expect and how to manage yourself at each stage. 



Great Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, the ideas here will help you take off. Most suitable for entrepreneurs at ground zero as the article provides good advice for developing the mindsets, habits and attributes of an entrepreneur without risking your personal finances; finding the business idea that works for you; building the right mindset and getting  the resources to actualize the idea you have. 

How to generate business ideas and turn them into actual business.

If you want to start a business but have no business ideas or If you have many business ideas but can't turn them into actual businesses and start them running. 

This article shares methods of generating business ideas as well as methods of turning ideas into reality whether you have capital or not. 

Filter the Bad Ideas so you can Start Work on the Good ones

As important as generating ideas is the filtering away of ideas that will potentially cause you to waste time, resources and make you look like a distracted person in front of friends, families and potential partners. 


There is a cost in revealing premature ideas to potential partners, friends and relatives. Although they may chip in with suggestions, they could also dissuade you from their budding idea; when you find that the idea is not worth doing and give up, people may not take your idea as seriously in the future. 


Do yourself a favour by withholding your idea from people until you have done all the homework you can by yourself and is still certain that you will go ahead with it. Be systematic in your idea generation and selection process. Set aside a continuous period of time until you find the idea you are really keen to work on then determine to pursue it to fruition. 


Begin with idea generation, once you have generate a list of 100 potential business ideas you can work on. Start with the filtration process by asking yourself the following questions and cross out any idea that does not pass through the filters. Click button below to see the filters. Going through the filters may spawn even better business ideas!


Business Strategies

Click button below to see a list of strategies that will help your business emerge and grow.

Branding for Better Business

Sometimes people start by forcing themselves and say, "I will do this no matter what." When it does'nt work, people give up on themselves. 

It is important to befriend yourself and ask what are your true goals in life; what are the moments that opens your heart and make you feel elevated.


If something needs to be done, persuade yourself with the reasons for doing it; if one part of yourself is not convinced, get it sorted out, don't brush it aside. Really think through the reasons and the counter arguments you give yourself; reason out the costs and benefits; write them down and repeat to yourself regularly. If there is a little bit of self doubt or doubt about anything and you go ahead, that bit will surface to sabotage you, therefore it will be unwise to brush it aside.


Your self is made up of many parts such as memory, ego, reason, subconscious and others, get all parts of your mind to come together with reason. 

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