Silversnow Music

What the school teaches:


For leisure or for ABRSM / LCM exams:

Piano, Keyboard, Violin, Flute, Pop Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele, Composing, Audio Production, Music Appreciation, Music Theory 




Learning music helps one understands, expresses and manages one's emotions better. Through learning music, one get attuned with the wordless language of the soul and attains an intuitive understanding of the harmony of intonations, rhythm and sounds. Is it any wonder many musicians possess melodious and magnetic voice and personality?


Learning music not only enhances one's perception of sound but also helps in cultivating an X-factor which some people call charisma, aura or presence.


Learning to play an instrument also trains a person to regulate his breathing, mind, emotions and enhances one's mental focus. A skilled musician learns to blend all his/her mental, physical faculties with his/her instrument to express music that are sometimes soothing, sometimes touching, sometimes sweet and surreal, often changing our perception of space and time and lifting us into mental and emotional dimensions that are indescribable...


Shoshin Aikikai Singapore

Aikido, beyond being a martial art, is the art of achieving harmony in the midst of conflicts and continuous refinement. The physical experience of overcoming grabs, push, pull, punches, kicks, and throws with effortless grace makes you see the possibilities of overcoming your daily challenges with ease, grace and joy. 

The principles of poise, respect, mind-body integration, relaxed-energy, no ego, non-resistance, non-aggression, uprightness, organization, discipline, extension and projection of mind learnt as you get used to the martial techniques carries over to your daily life outside the dojo.

Training in the art of aikido improves physical vitality, dexterity, spatial awareness, flexibility, resilience, good physical posture, stamina and mental strength making you a natural performer in various areas of your life. 

Get habituated with these positive and powerful principles and live confidently. 


Body: Greater Control, Balance, Strength and Agiity

Mind: Greater spiral and spatial awareness

Life: Better Self Control and Increased Confidence.

Key takeaways from Owlhour's chat with Coach:

1) Embrace greater freedom together with heightened social awareness and social responsibility. 

2) Set your own pace in learning. Balance is key. 

Advice for beginners:

Take baby steps. 

At A2 Parkour's free running lodge, instructors will be there to assist you when you learn new techniques. This ensures safety and help you build confidence before you attempt the awesome techniques by yourself. 


See the founder of A2 Parkour in action here

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