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How is different from other tutors and tuition centers?

0) Full-time tutor since 2013 specializing in teaching upper secondary and Junior College mathematics with strong testimonials from students. 
1) Unlimited bookings in a month at a fixed monthly fee of $5

2) Maximum group size of 3

3) Students can stay for any duration in a single booking.
4) A study room set up with facilities to ensure the student is in an optimal mental state when learning. (Sign up for a free trial to experience for yourself!)


You can book a free session by clicking on this link and experience it for yourself in the free session before you decide whether to sign up.  

What is my qualification and experience?

I graduated from NUS with a major in applied mathematics in 2007 and started giving tuition full time in 2013 at private education centers and 1-1 at students' homes. As of the end of 2019, I have taught more than 80 students in H2 math, more than 20 in H1 math and more than 30 in IB HL and SL math one to one or in a group of up to 4 students. 

Why is your lesson fees and arrangement configured this way?

After 6 years of tuition, although I was able to help many students achieve good results, from time to time I pondered the limitations of 2 hr tuition in sharing what I know to students. The 2 hr a week format was not borne out of careful consideration over what is best for a student's learning but rather out of the constraint of a tutor's time and physical location. 

With these in mind, I have redesigned tuition to be carried out differently from how it was traditionally done. Students are invited to book lessons with me any number of times for any duration in a week while only needing to pay a fixed monthly fee.

Although allowing unlimited bookings for a fixed fee means I may have to sacrifice a lot of my personal time, It makes me more satisfied with what I do and differentiates my service.


While at my place, students could engage me intensively with questions or practice on their own. I would be observing and providing feedback, checking on their work, raising important questions to all present in class and explaining challenging concepts elaborately with examples and testing them to ensure every student in the class understand what was taught. 


Parents are also welcomed to company their children to my place. 

As the afore-mentioned tuition model is very unique, you may not be sure whether it works for you and your child. However, please be assured that the teaching system used in is the culmination of reflections on how best to learn. I remember that was how I learned math in my days as a student, my Dad was the always-available-tutor in my house, he was always around for me to ask questions and to challenge me with questions. All my 3 siblings graduated with good honors from the National University of Singapore under such an environment. 

If my dad was only available to teach me once a week for 2 hours and a tutor was paid to spend time with me instead, sitting right opposite me, one-to-one, It would be more difficult for me to have the patience to fully digest a question; learning would have been more stressful and felt less autonomous. But I was given the privilege to work on mathematics problems patiently. I knew that my Dad's guidance was available anytime so I will push myself hard enough before seeking help if I really could not crack a question. That is why my tuition is set up in order to give my students the same privilege that I had. They could book lessons up to 7 times a week if they wish without any additional financial burden on the family.  Junior College students would also be better able to manage their schedules. 

Results and stories of my past students

If you are not yet my student, you are invited to come for a free trial at my place where you can find out more about how this works and experience this new mode of tuition for yourself. You can book a slot now by clicking on this link


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Place of Business: 

54 Cassia Crescent, Geylang Singapore S390054