What are the benefits of this course?


Whether you are an introvert or extovert by nature, this course will teach you the techniques and provide you the opportunities to master the art of initiating conversations and building friendship with complete strangers and emotionally distant peers. This will avail you to opportunities and constructive relationships with people. 


We will also teach you to effectively communicate the value of any product or ideas.


How is this course different from other communication, toastmaster and networking courses


In this course, we will first teach participants the techniques of communication and then put participants to real events to practice their skills under the distant supervision of our coaches.


A student will not graduate until he is confident that he is ready to network in any event, talk to any stranger on the street or carry out difficult conversations but there will not be additional fees charged for extending the duration of the course. 


Our coach will hunt for opportunities where you can practice your networking skills live!


Why are you qualified to teach?


If you are sincere in taking up this course, I will demonstrate to you in live events and on the road how I will talk to complete strangers, make friends with them or sell any idea or product you name. You can subscribe to my course after I demonstrate to you how i do it. 


Besides this, I am a introvert by nature and have gotten an MBA from the National University of Singapore. 


What is the course fee?

The course fee is $3000 per group for 3-30 persons group registration


$1000 per person for individual registration.





Place of Business: 

54 Cassia Crescent, Geylang Singapore S390054