Advice on Cover Letter

Cover letter is a short and sweet summary of key points in your resume that are attractive to the employer you are applying the job from. It is a short sales pitch of yourself. Don't write anything irrelevant, only the things you know employer is looking for in the candidate, your unique experience and skills related to the job. If you have an MBA but the employer is not looking for one, don't write it in the cover letter, leave it in the resume. Don't write general things that cannot differentiate you from other applicants. 

Think of it as saving the employer time from reading the full resume to find the key points in it.

Advice on Job Search

Use, JobStreet, Monster Etc...
Search for relevant company sites using your job type, industry or skill sets Keywords. For eg. Google math, business OR accountant, technician, trainer OR Marine, Logistics etc....

Go to company websites and apply directly through their HR email.

Keep hunting. Imagine you are going into the forest now, you may find anything, today you may find a herb, tomorrow a fruit, it depends on which area you venture into the forest. Enter far and wide and keep hunting, sometimes you will return with nothing, but keep hunting and you will find something eventually.  

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