Think and also act

Some questions do not have a definite answer. For example, "will I succeed if i do this business?" Nobody can know for certain especially those questions related to the future,. 

In that case, it is better to do something small, get feedback from your action, adjust your action and move again. Even with tonnes of market research, there is still uncertainty over whether one can implement successfully or what may happen in the future to disrupt our plan. 

Taking action often makes your problem and questions more defined and from there it is easier for a thinker to apply his intelligence. 

For example, if i ask the question," will i succeed if i do a business? "

This question is too vague. When you decide to do a business any way,  then you come to the next question: "What business do i do?" This question is more define but still vague. When you decide to work on some business anyway, then your question becomes: "what must i do to make this business succeed?" That is even more define but still vague. When you decide to take some business action anyway, "then you get to see the result of your action". Then you ask, "is my action leading to the desired result?" At this stage you start to get some feedback from reality, reality will tell you the answer to your question, from there you can adjust your action to get desired output, you will be able to ask more concrete questions and get more concrete answers, this is when intelligence start to have something concrete to analyse. 

The earlier stages is more like self reflection, resolving the thoughts, desires, vision, motivations from within, asking yourself what you really want, staying in this inner world do not give yourself any information by which you can understand whether what you want can materialize successfully.

Even though it does prepare yourself mentally for the leap.  

If there is fear over uncertainty of whether one will succeed or fail and hence hesitation to take any action, then one will just be trapped in the inner world of unfulfilled desires, one goes back to self reflection again and again to think: "what i really want?" when what i really want may be many vague things or already be clear but the lack of courage to take action or fear of uncertainty of whether one will succeed in getting what one really wants lead one to keep changing ideas and seek everywhere rather than taking resolute action on one's desires. 

Then it is time to do it anyway, just do it, learn from your actions, take small steps first, be prepared to make small loses. The more you do, the more feedback you get, the less you do, the less feedback you get. 

Without feedback, you may become trapped in an infinite thinking loop.  You see your peers who are the doers make real digress or progress, you are only in the mind world not stepping out or effecting reality at all. Your learning is more uncertain than your peers who fail. Those who fail at least know for certain that their idea failed and they can move on to adjust and go to the next iteration but you are only in your mind thinking and the uncertainty over whether a certain course of action will succeed or fail still remains an uncertainty and you are not learning from it. 

People are getting bets and improving their execution and they are getting closer to hitting the jackpot but you are thinking in your head yet to placed a bet and just like you have not enter the door. The remedy is to act immediately and learn from your actions rather than just be thinking in your head. 

But one cannot be impatient with this question: " what is really deemed important enough for me to work on using my most precious life?" but don't just think in your head, search the internet, talk to people, go places, do some real work, set aside some time to think everyday but not thinking all the time. Find something to do, help someone, does'nt matter what job, high or low in your interpretation or those of social bias, you need to accumulate experience and collect experience for analysis, act and think at the same time. Don't just think without acting or act without thinking. 

Goal Oriented Thinking

Ask yourself the following questions in order:


1. What is the problem i am facing now?

2. How would i like things to become? What is my desired goal state in this situation?

3. What can i do to make the things become the way i like them to be; to reach the desired goal state?

4. Put your ideas from point three into a to do list and then act on those tasks swiftly. 


inspired by Takumi Yamazaki


If you are stuck at  3, ask people, explore books, internet, magazines and places to find ideas and solutions. 

Minto Pyrammid

Your Opinions, Goals and Ideas need support. Structure your supporting facts, tasks in the lower levels of the pyramid diagram. 


Ask Why, How, What, Where, When, Who to clarify an issue.

To illustrate the power of 5W1H question, if you ask a person whether he can or cannot do something during a job interview, he will most likely say he can in order to win the job. However, if you ask how will he do it, it is impossible to tell you if he does'nt actually know how. 


Metrics are performance measures. For example, as a growing business you may want to measure the earnings/week to understand whether your growth is slowing or accelerating. 

Do not stop at metrics but use metrics to understand where you are right now compared to the past and to peers and where you need to improve your performance. 


For example, a start-up may want to use these metrics to measure performance


  • Earnings/week

  • Expenditure/week

  • (revenue-cost)/cost

  • increase in cost per unit increase in production

  • increase in revenue per unit increase in production

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